New Launch from Byredo – Mumbai Noise

A new EDP echoing the brand founder’s heritage - with Mumbai Noise, Ben Gorham presents an intimate portrait of a city that acts as a cornerstone of his identity – both of its sensorial multitudes, and its multifaceted modernity. The mesmerizing abundance of Chembur’s streets– the smoky haze of incense and burning woods, interspersed with street side coffee carts and cacophonous soundscapes – is explored through a contemporary lens, paying tribute both to the city’s cultural heritage and the evolution of its energy.

The notion of vivid multiplicities is reflected through a scent crowded with contrasts: of rich, warm woods and amber blended with brightness; of plummy Davana positioned alongside leather; bitter coffee stirred with sweet tonka beans. “An overload of sensory experience is very much Mumbai.

“From the second you step off the plane, you know you’re somewhere different, Mumbai Noise is about the overwhelming power of a place.” - reflects Gorham. Gorham’s nostalgia is offset by a photographic campaign by Ashish Shah that documents his vision of Mumbai today – from its subcultural communities to its contemporary youth movements; the dreams and realities of a new generation. “The western perspective of India is probably the same now as it was a century ago,” notes Gorham. “But Mumbai is a melting pot of modernity. Through Mumbai Noise, and Ashish’s images, two perspectives meet.”

MIDDLE NOTES : Tonka Beans, Coffee
BASE NOTES : Labdanum / Sandalwood / Agarwood

A New Collaboration with emerging Talent:

Ashish Shah was born in the Himalayan foothills, his bold and evocative photography rooted in the cultural landscape of India. His craft is inspired by the world around him, his childhood memories and the common man. Shah’s portraits often focus on the intricacies - his subjects’ natural form, posture, movement... how cloth drapes the body, embracing it. In pursuit of exploring the symbolism of beauty and its representation, his vivid photographs celebrate the charm, nuances and mundane in everyday life.

“I want to photograph this campaign as a glimpse into the hearts and essence of young India. I am interested in the lives we are living, the conversations they are having, their dreams and their realities. While the world has been looking at us and trying to portray the real us as something strange and exotic, filled with mysticism, and poverty; I want these photographs to explore India not only celebrating our rich cultural heritage but in a much wider context keeping the current times in mind with acceptance, love and sensibility.

Taking in from my exchange of thoughts with Ben, his stories and memories of Mumbai, his home in Chembur and of his grandmother, I want to link together fragments of past (personal and collective) and of Contemporary India— how the present us has grown from our past itself.”

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