Newness - Westman Atelier



Skins Cosmetics is thrilled to welcome Westman Atelier to our makeup collection!

Founded by world renowned make-up artist Gucci Westman, the idea was to create exceptional modern make-up that marries clean, plant-based ingredients with the kind of skin-improving performance you’d expect from cutting-edge skincare.

“I wanted to make clean products that would also meet my standards in terms of results,” says Gucci. “I believe there’s definitely space in the market for a luxury beauty brand that also speaks to wellness and integrity.”

Combining luxury, efficacy and clean formulations, Gucci Westman calls on her career as a major editorial make-up artist to create everything you need for the ultimate beautiful, natural complexion - rendering Gucci’s signature look of dewy, radiant, healthy skin finally achievable for all.


“As a make-up artist the skin is really at the beginning and end of everything I do,” says Gucci. “But there are so many things I expect from my products. I want them to be quick and easy to use, and also feel weightless and comfortable.”

Having always worked professionally with make-up sticks, she has created a selection of creamy, comfortable, buildable make-up sticks as the starting point for the range.

“I prefer the control they give you: they’re much easier to target specific areas with; they discourage excess, and they wear predictably, so you can rely on them to stay all day without crumbling,” she says.

The soft, buttery formulations melt into the skin, melding with the complexion to create a true ‘second skin’ finish that feels at once weightless, comfortable and nourishing.


Gucci’s belief is that anything you allow to cover your skin all day should be more than just kind to your skin; it should actively be improving its health and strength.

Taking a ‘skincare’ approach to formulating make-up, and utilising the expertise she honed over years working closely with top beauty brands on both sides of the Atlantic, in Westman Atelier, Gucci has developed proprietary blends of active ingredients containing breakthrough ingredients at ‘efficacy’ rather than ‘marketing’ levels – meaning they’re proven to make a difference to your skin.

Another key is Gucci’s insistence on soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-redness ingredients, including the hero ingredient Phytosphingosine, a skin-identical plant extract with potent anti-inflammatory abilities which also reduces the appearance of fine lines.


For Gucci Westman, knowledge is the new luxury. So it’s not always as simple as saying “no synthetics.” Gucci herself lives an ‘80/20 life,’ staying as healthy as possible without missing out on all the fun. And when it comes to products, this has led to her embracing an ethos that’s all about being as clean as possible – without compromising on creating the right benefits or the perfect shades.

She describes the products as “absolutely as clean as they can be at this minute” – which means mostly plant-derived ingredients and oils, but occasionally using specific synthetic ingredients “where they are the more responsible choice.”

Through a thorough and thoughtful curation of ingredients, edited by Gucci alongside the very best chemists and formulators, the brand takes a ‘plants first’ approach, but then selects the best and most efficacious ingredients which respect the skin without compromising on performance.


The final touch: chic, minimalist packaging that’s lightweight, portable, easily thrown into a bag for use during the day. The sleek designs were inspired by Gucci’s love of vintage travel atomisers, calling to mind her free spirit and sense of adventure.

Between the easy textures, the clean formulations, the understated packaging and the perfect shades, Westman Atelier is a range that takes the effort out of beauty. Gucci wanted the textures to be such that a mirror should never be required, so easy and blendable are the formulations.

“Who has time to worry about their make-up?” asks Gucci. “My products are in your corner no matter what.”

Discover and shop the Westman Atelier universe in stores and online now, exclusive to Skins Cosmetics.