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What is your experience with the products in the Skins Cosmetics collection? Share your thoughts!

The opinions and experiences of our customers with the products from the Skins Cosmetics collection are very important. Not only for internal evaluations, but especially for other customers. That's why there's the reviews option in the Skins Cosmetics webshop.

In addition to sharing your opinion and experience, you can give a rating of products through a number (1-5) of stars.

This is a review and rating of product content, so your experience with the product itself. For comments about the Skins Cosmetics South Africa team in the shop or an online order, please contact our customer service.


  1. Log in with your personal data.
  2. Find the product in question.
  3. Share your thoughts!
  4. For example, based on the following topics:
  • Why did you choose this product?
  • What are the benefits of the product?
  • How is the product to use?
  • How do you experience the product characteristics (texture, colour, smell)?
  • What do you think of the packaging and size?
  • What is the result?
  • How and when do you use the product?
  • Have you received reactions from people around you?


Skins Cosmetics uses the following review rules:

  • A review is a description of a product, not of a service, procedure or other related matters. These can be e-mailed to customer service.
  • Do not include contact information for other websites/sellers in the review.
  • Coarse, abusive or obscene language will not be accepted.
  • The function of reviews is to inform people about your experience with a product. Even if this is less positive, try to describe this accurately and constructively, so that others really benefit from your experience.
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