RMS Beauty Tinted Daily Lip Balm - Destiny Lane

A lush, lip-softening balm in au natural, or with a delicate hint of lip-bitten colour.
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Destiny Lane: ​a bright and modern sheer fuchsia pink

This balm simultaneously pampers, protects, nourishes, and floods your lips with flavorless, fragrance-free, healthy hydration for up to 12 hours. It's beautifully nourishing, hydrating, and never heavy or greasy.

“Finally...our award-winning lip&skin balm in a sleek metal tube. The skin-loving and biologically compatible ingredients in our balm uniquely support natural skin function. Beautifully nourishing, repairing, and never heavy or greasy. This celebrated balm is newly available in a tinted form inspired by our best selling lip colors. All shades provide a natural and elegant color accent to both lips and cheeks.


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Brand RMS Beauty