Zenology Trigger Spray Libri Book 50 ml

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Ambiance Trigger Spray in the fragrance Libri was created in collaboration with MENDO, a true candy store for book lovers. Libri captures the soul of a book: the ink and the paper on which it is printed. Translated with notes such as saffron, paper accord, orris, vetiver and nutmeg.
Spray to create your own personal mood. The Iconic Ambiance Trigger® comes from industrial sprays and contains precious scents that are in symbiosis with the space. Like an olfactive identity of a person, every sphere can now have its own fragrant atmosphere. Do not spray on objects. Notes: Paper accord, Saffron, Sage, Clove, Lis root, Storax tree, Cork Absolute, Vetiver, Nutmeg Absolute Alcohol, Aqua / Water, Fragrance / Perfume
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Brand Zenology
Zenology Trigger Spray Libri  Book 50 ml
Zenology Trigger Spray Libri  Book 50 ml