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Skins Cosmetics was launched in Amsterdam in the year 2000, bringing about a true revolution and totally original concept to the beauty offering in the Netherlands: a luxury emporium that exclusively sold a curated selection of niche and artisan brands from around the World.

The founders of Skins Cosmetics had and still have a clear vision - to expose our customers to the lesser-known world of artisan brands, created with true originality and authenticity at their core. Today our portfolio consists of over 70 brands, each with their own unique story to tell.

The first Skins Cosmetics in South Africa opened in Sandton City in August 2017, and was the first Skins store to open outside of Europe. Skins Cosmetics V&A Waterfront opened 18 months later in 2019, with Menlyn Park right behind it in 2020. The opening of Skins Cosmetics Gateway in September 2021 is the 4th store in South Africa, and the 18th Skins Cosmetics store in the world.


The concept behind Skins Cosmetics not only extends to the brand offering, but also to the stores’ design features, distinguishing the environment from other local beauty retailers and cosmetics stores.

Patrons are invited to browse at their leisure through the carefully crafted emporiums, designed exclusively in the Netherlands by renowned architect Roy de Scheemaker. We encourage you to join us for a glass of champagne or a hot cappuccino and to experience the brands in a totally original format.

If you would prefer to be guided through the wide selection, you will find our expert consultants in store, who are passionate about their profession, and are proud to share their knowledge of the wonderful brands they love with their customers.


The niche category is about artistic expression, and resonates with a particular kind of patron, who has risen above the mainstream, who craves originality and exclusivity. From the quality of the base materials, to the innovation in the production, to the details of the design and packaging, these brands are invented with passion and philosophy at their core.

Niche brands are generally created independently, however over recent years they have garnered the attention of many multinational brand houses and are headlining at the most exclusive flagship retailers in the world.


Sampling has always been an inextricable part of the customer journey at Skins Cosmetics. Patrons are invited to experience the products before deciding whether or not it is best for them. There is absolutely no pressure to buy the products on the spot. At Skins, it’s about building relationships with our customers, by guiding them through the stores’ extensive selection. We want our patrons to feel that they are in the best hands, and have received the best independent advice.


There are instances where you will find some of our products online at varying prices. These “grey-trade” companies are often able to offer these prices as they do not operate/import their products through the brand affiliated channels.

Skins Cosmetics is an official reseller of all of our brands, and in some cases have exclusive rights to these brands in South Africa. We strictly follow international guidelines and use the recommended retail prices that are set from the brands. We assure our customers that our products are always authentic and of the highest quality, with full warrantees in place.


Skins Cosmetics SA works along-side its parent company African Sales Company, and its affiliate partners in the Netherlands to curate the most exciting and ever-evolving niche portfolio for the South African market place.

In this ever changing world, we are always looking for revolutionary concepts or brands that can further enhance Skins Cosmetics' product line.

Do you have suggestions for new and interesting brands you would like to see added to the Skins collection? Email your tip to