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From the beginning, Maestro Paolo Vranjes has been ahead of his time. The Antica Officina del Farmacista (his workshop) was created in 1983, in Florence. The project combined the passions, talents and education of Dr. Paolo Vranjes and his wife, Anna Maria in the fields of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Cosmetology.

In 1999, Maestro Paolo Vranjes chose to enter the world of perfumery by creating ambient fragrances. He explains: “Olfactory recollections are almost never associated with a personal fragrance. They are often linked to the scent of an environment, a place, a moment."

Rosso Nobile is among his most famous products and he was inspired to create it by a dear friend, Francis. He was a producer of wine and a wine enthusiast and was convinced that no one could recreate the scent of red wine, but he changed his mind with this fragrance.

Florence has always played a fundamental role in the creative and production process. It is the Italian city with the longest history in wood working as an art form and perfume making, and boasts craftsmen that are second to none in terms of creation. The iconic bottle, created in 2008 was inspired by Florence - inspired by Brunelleschi's Dome, the bottle is a glass cast handcrafted by Florentine artisans.

Maestro Paolo Vranjes, who has headed of the Maison for over 36 years, continues to dedicate himself fully to what he loves doing - creating recollections and memories through scent.





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  1. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Leather Oud
    From R 1,840.00
  2. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Peonia Black Jasmine
    From R 1,500.00
  3. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Rosso Nobile
    From R 1,840.00
  4. Dr. VRANJES Diffuser Maserati 2.0
    From R 2,900.00
  5. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Oud Nobile
    From R 1,840.00
  6. DR.VRANJES Rosa Tabacco Diffuser
    From R 1,500.00
  7. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Maserati
    From R 3,115.00
  8. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Acqua
    From R 1,500.00
  9. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Milano
    From R 1,840.00
  10. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Bellini
    From R 0.00
  11. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Terra
    From R 1,500.00
  12. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Ambra
    From R 1,500.00
  13. DR.VRANJES Diffuser Vaniglia Mandarino
    From R 1,500.00
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