Amouage Portrayal Man EDP 100ml

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Portrayal Man continues the saga not only on idea level but also in a fragrant sense as well. Unlike the old Amouage perfumes like Gold, Ubar, and Jubilation which featured lavish, multifaceted compositions, the new perfume editions are the complete opposite. They are short, concise, focused on only one point. Always made from the highest quality raw materials, this is a peculiarity and something that Amouage does not deviate from the very beginning. Many niche perfume brands are saying this, Amouage really does it.
In the case of Portrayal Man perfume, everything revolves around violets. Also called the flower of modesty, the history of violet is everything but modest. It was once a symbol of Athens, the ancient Greek metropolis, and legend has it that the nymphs welcomed the city’s founder with a bouquet of violets. Where the divine Orpheus slept, when his music did not stop animals, people, time and gods, violets grew. They believed that if violet is mixed in wine, it can even heal a broken heart. Centuries later, because of its rarity and preciousness, violet became a symbol of blue blood. Only the nobles smelled of violet, and the most expensive in the world – violet from Parma.
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Brand Amouage
Amouage Portrayal Man EDP 100ml
Amouage Portrayal Man EDP 100ml