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Aqualis Brenton Extrait De Parfum 50ml

Inspired by the free flight of exotic birds over the ocean, Brenton recreates the rush of air that curves around soaring bodies as they duck and dive through the sky. Painting an olfactory picture of Brenton on Sea, South Africa, Brenton is a breath of bracing mint and herbs, caught on a breeze laden with salty droplets of ocean water.
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As Brenton unfurls on the skin, the mineral and the botanical meet, replicating the moment the blue of the sky and the ocean reaches the greenery of the land. Earthy vetiver hints at a grassy element, where the unique spiciness of this material stands tall with statuesque blades amongst a sea of cool stones and a rich carpet of verdant mosses. Brenton is a sense of clarity and the ability to dive into the unknown, allowing the air to lead the way. 

  • TOP: Bergamot, Mint, Fresh Accord, Thyme
  • HEART: Marine, Sweet Anise, Oceanic Accord
  • BASE: Vetiver Haiti, Oakmoss, Soft Musks
  • PERFUMER: Jean Charles Mignon