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Byredo Makeup Liquid Lipstick Matte

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Touch: mutable, sensual and an outward expression of inner emotions. With the enduring intimacy of the haptic sense, Lucia Pica envisions matte lipstick as a sensorial second skin, where the inner life becomes the outer one in the Liquid Lipstick Matte. Utilising a palette of 10 high-pigmentation tones spanning light to dark, Liquid Lipstick Matte invokes the power of making a mark and directly announcing an inner you through lip colour.

In the Matte, a strength of purpose and experience is sought, of lasting impact and durability for both the product and the wearer. The Liquid Lipstick Matte seamlessly becomes a part of the person throughout the day—a purposely blurred, velvet-like second skin, lightly worn, living, and flowing with the wearer. A creamy vegan formulation enables the melding of makeup with the body, becoming a personal signature. The power of poise and the self is drawn upon – it is the choice of an inner life expressed through vital lip colour that endures.

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Application has instinctive ease and precision through a sharp, lightly flocked wand that delivers colour saturation in one stroke. Agency and amplification are given to the wearer – through quality and confidence there is the possibility to make a defining statement through the roundness of a single red tone worn alone without any other makeup.

Thar Desert: a light warm nude

Martian Dust: a light red-wood

Muted Cry: a neutral warm nude 

Space in Between: a soft rosewood

Calmer: a dark nude-brown

Utopie: a pink rosebud

Red Coma: a vivid red

Fire Grace: an intense blue-red

Marriage: a rich burgundy

Reunion: a warm brown-orange

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