Diptyque Amber candle Ambre 300g

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Mysterious, rare and precious; amber gris has always fascinated and had several functions: as change, such as gold, for Arab traders, incense for the Egyptians and as an aphrodisiac in China. Unique notes, subtle and enchantingly warm, with wood and leather accents. Approximately 60 burning hours.
The scented candle will burn evenly and cleanly if you first let it burn for a minimum of two consecutive hours - or until the top layer of candle wax has completely liquefied. After blowing out, center the wick immediately and ensure that it is straight. Cut the wick until it is about half an inch long before you light the candle again. This will cause the candle to burn more slowly and prevent black smoke deposits on the inside of the glass. diptyque has developed a special wick trimmer, to be able to cut the wick well even when the candle is almost used up. TIP: Create your own home scent by burning 2 candles at the same time. Do not place the candle in a draughty room or directly on a glass or marble surface. Do not light a candle if you are not in the area. Do not move a burning candle or cut the wick if it is burning. Keep out of reach of children.
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Brand Diptyque
Diptyque Amber candle Ambre 300g
Diptyque Amber candle Ambre 300g