Diptyque Giant Candle 34B 1500g

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This candle with the scent of 34 boulevard saint germain reveals fresh, green and spicy chords. Damp mosses, crumpled leaves of the black currant, sun-dried fig leaves form the basis. The craftsmanship of diptyque's pots is unique and elegant, demonstrating the art of "handmade". The pottery is made in the famous Virebent pottery in the South of France. In addition, the wax is a combination of first-class ingredients that are specifically combined and then assessed at a cold and warm temperature. Thanks to this expertise, the candle is extremely suitable for any interior, or for outside: indoor & outdoor. Maximum burning time: 150 hours.
The scented candle will burn evenly and cleanly if you first let it burn for a minimum of two consecutive hours - or until the top layer of candle wax has completely liquefied. After blowing out, center the wick immediately and ensure that it is straight. Cut the wick until it is about half an inch long before you light the candle again. This will cause the candle to burn more slowly and prevent black smoke deposits on the inside of the glass. diptyque has developed a special wick trimmer, to be able to cut the wick well even when the candle is almost used up.
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Brand Diptyque
Diptyque Giant Candle 34B 1500g
Diptyque Giant Candle 34B 1500g