Laura Mercier Refining Crème Polish 100ml

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A gentle exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin cells and leaves smooth skin while improving uneven skin texture overtime.

Go beyond daily cleansing with this exfoliating scrub to deeply purify and exfoliate skin. Made with Avena Sativa and Chamomile Flower Extract, the Refining Crème Polish smooths, soothes and refreshes skin. Gentle exfoliants remove dead skin cells improving skin’s radiance and texture instantly and over time.


Skin Essentials Ingredient Complex:

To help skin achieve its optimal state, Laura hand selected three key ingredients that are incorporated into every product in the Skin Essentials line.


  • French Spring Water: Known to be instantly hydrating, bringing skin’s moisture levels back to its optimal state.
  • Rose Water: A blend of French Rose Flower Extract and Damask Rose Flower Oil is full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants known to calm and balance the skin.
  • Starflower Oil: Laura’s secret weapon for achieving healthy looking skin—this oil is known to nourish skin, perfectly preparing it for flawless makeup application.
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Brand Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier Refining Crème Polish 100ml
Laura Mercier Refining Crème Polish 100ml