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Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD satin mood Travel Set


A free interpretation of oud wood, a rare and precious material, this OUD satin mood eau de parfum reflects the creator’s desire to bring a shimmering facet to life. Five refills (11 ml) and a sophisticated gold version of the precious Globe Trotter spray bottle allow you to elegantly take this fragrance with you. The Oud satin mood set makes a perfect gift, whether giving or receiving.

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Oud from Laos

The power and complexity of its musky, woody, leathery, smoky and honeyed scent is only matched by the mystery of its creation; largely random since it depends on the fungal infection of a Southeast Asian tree also known as Agarwood (Aquilaria). Only diseased specimens produce an aromatic resin that is distilled to obtain an oil. It is among the most sought-after ingredients, and is also one of the most expensive, resulting in poaching. This is why Francis Kurkdjian has chosen an Oud from Laos produced according to the principles of fair and sustainable trade. He combines its vibrant notes with intense flowers, spices and other woods for a bewitching sillage.

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