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Rae Morris Mini Radiance Brush

This is the brush Rae personally use to apply foundation when she is ‘on the go’ – on the plane or in the car 5 mins before you start your day. You can use it with liquid and all powder based foundation product, and it’s best used in a similar way to how you would use No.26 – lots of fast circular strokes, the faster you move this brush, the more ‘air brushed’ your skin will look.
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Features Rae Morris’ world first magnetic functionality.

Hair Type: Micro Crystal Fibre – Hakutotsu (Vegan): features a unique crystalised structure that perfectly mimics the cuticle structure of natural fibres, enhancing product pick up and evenly applying and blending liquid, crème and powder formulations seamlessly. These unique fibres have an antibacterial rating of 99.9% and are vegan.
Handle: Hard Maple/Cherry