Zenology Trigger Spray Ebenus / Ebony 1000ml

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Based on cedar oil from Virginia. In aromatherapy, cedar wood is praised for the self-assurance boost that gives the scent and its calming properties. This is probably a reason behind the wonderful effects of a Japanese bath. The traditional cedar wallcovering gives off a sweet, balm-like scent as soon as the bathroom fills with steam. Total relaxation!
Here and there a single spray is sufficient to directly personalize a space, to give a refined atmosphere to every moment. Sprinkle a cold light bulb or cold radiator with the home perfume so that when it comes on, the heat subtly spreads the scent. Top: bergamot, coriander, cedar leaf. Heart: cedar wood from Virginia and cedar wood from Texas, incense. Basis: leather, cashmeran, cistus.
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Brand Zenology
Zenology Trigger Spray Ebenus / Ebony 1000ml
Zenology Trigger Spray Ebenus / Ebony 1000ml