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Simone Andreoli Ocean Of A Midnght Moon EDP 100ml

It overwhelms like an ocean wave on a full moon night. A contemporary marine scent, with a salty personality but at the same time woody, spicy and citrusy. An infinite sea of ​​olfactory notes, a perfect storm of 130 fresh, sensual, disturbing aromas. Ocean of a Midnight Moon is a scented water rich in shades that follow one another, chase each other and reverberate, just like the waves of the sea on the rocks and on the skin.
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The sea current made of lemon, grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot intertwines with the spicy one of juniper berries, myrtle and mint. On the seabed you can glimpse oak moss, fir wood and Indonesian patchouli: a precious accord of elements that from the earth find new life in the abyss, illuminated by the sidereal glow. Ocean of a Midnight Moon is that irresistible seawater cocktail to be enjoyed all summer long.

Top notes: sea water, citrus peel, mint
Heart notes: myrtle, juniper berries, oak moss, fir
Base notes: leather, driftwood accord